Virginia Foam Insulators – Spray Foam Insulation Contractor in Virginia
  • Kim
    Thank you so much. I can not say enough about how pleasant my experience was...professional from start to finish. It takes a lot for me to refer.....but I will always refer you to anyone in need of your service. James has a top notch company.
  • Cari
    Thank you James and Company for an AWESOME job WELL DONE!!! I greatly appreciate your work and time efficiency. Thanks
  • Mr. & Mrs. McDonald
    Thank you for working so promptly to remove our 40-year-old insulation and to line and seal our crawl space. Our friend Kevin, who oversaw the job, said it was nice enough to take a nap under the house now! You all have done two projects well for us now, and we appreciate it.
    Mr. & Mrs. McDonald
  • D. Taillon, Richmond, VA
    Your guys did a great job, worked hard, cleaned everything up. The house felt warmer today and I couldn’t be happier with the total job. A fair price for all the work done.
    D. Taillon, Richmond, VA
  • B. Walden, Richmond, VA
    James, just wanted to tell you what a fabulous job Justin, and Jessie did insulating the underside of my house, and the areas over and under the Pantry addition. These guys are first class, hardworking, courteous professionals that did everything possible to make sure we were happy with the job. They far exceeded my expectations. Justin is an artist with that sprayer, I’ve operated a spray gun many times over the years so I know a great sprayer when I see one, and he is superb. The quality of their work and the product is first class. I wish this product had been around when I built my house in 1989. I would highly recommend your company and product to anyone, once you see the job these guys do you will never consider rolled insulation again. Please let Justin and Jessie know how pleased I was with their awesome work. Thanks again, you guys are “THE BEST”.
    B. Walden, Richmond, VA
  • M. Okuley, Bedford, VA
    The workmanship is first class, and I could not be more pleased. It is easy to see why your company is so successful, when you employee gentlemen like Jesse, Alex and Dustin.
    M. Okuley, Bedford, VA
  • Mr. Mundy, Monroe, VA
    I found every person from Virginia Foam who was associated with my project attentive, responsive and determined to see that I got what I needed. They worked in a timely fashion and were careful to address any follow-up questions I asked. I was pleased with their punctual completion of the job. My impression is that Virginia Foam Insulation is a quality operation, run by responsive, competent people who take pride in their work. I highly recommend Virginia Foam Insulation for its product and for its people.
    Mr. Mundy, Monroe, VA
  • Mr. Martin, Staunton, VA
    Virginia Foam sprayed close-cell foam between our floor joists and in our crawl space. We were given a competitive estimate on Monday morning and the job was finished the following afternoon. They did what they said they would do and for the price agreed to. I highly recommend them.
    Mr. Martin, Staunton, VA
  • Mr. Hickey, Reedville, VA
    We had Virginia Foam install Open Cell foam on a 3 story addition with a cathedral ceiling and 1000 square feet floor space. We also installed the foam in a roof knee wall area of a 60 year old main house. The foreman and crew were very friendly and professional, and although delayed in the start of the job by the growth of a previous job, they made up for it by completing a fairly difficult (17′ ceiling and walls with many nooks and crannies) job in 1-1/2 days. The 4 man team worked together very well and once started, they had no hold-ups through to completion. Masking areas not to be sprayed, sealing all wood joints, and clean up after the job were excellent. The county inspection was happy with the job and said that many houses are using the foam system now. We are looking forward to a truly warm and air tight family room addition!
    Mr. Hickey, Reedville, VA
  • Ms. McFarland, Waynesboro, VA
    Virginia Foam removed and disposed of our existing fiberglass insulation in our basement. They then applied spray foam to our garage ceiling and our basement ceiling. When contacted, they called promptly and scheduled a time to come out and estimate the job. They were polite and answered our questions. The estimate was in the price range expected. They completed the job in one day after estimating that it might take 1.5 or 2 days. Since it was a small job for them, they worked us into an opening between larger jobs. They protected our belongings well and cleaned up the job sites very well. Our basement was cleaner when they left than when they started.
    Ms. McFarland, Waynesboro, VA
  • Mr. Becker, Amherst, VA
    Overall I was very satisfied with the job they did and the results the insulation provided. After having the spray foam installed it’s hard to believe how much difference it makes on heating and cooling but it does work. If I ever build another house I will defiantly use spray foam... if you plan on staying in your house I think this is definitely worth the investment. I would recommend the company, they did a good job, professional, and clean. I felt that I received exactly what I was quoted on my estimate and that doesn’t always happen.
    Mr. Becker, Amherst, VA
  • R. Hamlet, Gladys, VA
    We would like to thank Virginia Foam Insulators for the wonderful job they did insulating our home. The work crew was so kind, considerate and did a great job and also James the owner was the same and he cared about the job they were doing. They cleaned up everything and made sure everything was in place before they left. We have already noticed a difference in how often the heat pump runs in just 2 days. We highly recommend them to anyone that is considering insulating their home and this is a company that you can trust highly.
    R. Hamlet, Gladys, VA
  • D. Bowyer, Bedford, VA
    James, I want to thank you and all your employees for the installing 2.5″ closed cell foam to our roof deck, 2″ under the subfloor and the removal of all the old cellulose in the attic area, plus spraying cellulose between the first and second floors. We can already tell the installation will exceed our expectations.  From Randall to your installers, the work was performed in a professional manner. Clean up of the work areas were outstanding. We enjoyed working with Virginia Foam.
    D. Bowyer, Bedford, VA
  • J. Wills, Farmville, VA
    With the entire house now insulated, we roughly calculate that our heating and cooling bill has been cut by more than half; we still use electricity for hot water and the hot tub, so exact numbers are difficult to obtain. But by far the best advantage has been the ease with which we are now maintaining an even temperature throughout the house...Thank you for your excellent product. It has been not only a pleasure to work with Virginia Foam Insulators, it has made a remarkable change in our lives during these hot Virginia summer days
    J. Wills, Farmville, VA
  • R. Anderson, Madison Heights, VA
    I just had my metal building garage insulated with the spray foam applied by Virginia Foam Insulators. I am more than pleased with the product and the results. It now takes very little heat to keep me comfortable while playing with my cars. I cannot wait for summer time as I know my a/c will also keep me very comfortable. James {the sales guy) was a true professional and generated a detailed proposal that was easy to understand. The workers that applied the foam were extremely hard working and did not take a break or leave until they finished and sure I was completely satisfied. I HIGHLY recommend Virginia Foam Insulators. And yes I did get competitive quotes and so very glad I chose Virginia Foam Insulators.
    R. Anderson, Madison Heights, VA
  • Mr. Martin, Staunton, VA
    Virginia Foam sprayed close-cell foam between our floor joists and in our crawl space. We were given a competitive estimate on Monday morning and the job was finished the following afternoon. They did what they said they would do and for the price agreed to. I highly recommend them.
    Mr. Martin, Staunton, VA
  • Earle Jillson
    I want to compliment the crew, led by Justin, on the work that was done. Justin did a great job, and I felt confident the first time I talked to him. He was professional, very friendly and attentive to servicing the client. I crawled the space, and Justin put cardboard, and foamed a hole in our floor that led up to the bathtub. This was an expressed concern for me, and he took care of it above my expectations.
    Earle Jillson

Virginia Foam Insulators

Virginia Foam Insulators is one of the few residential and commercial spray foam insulation contractors to service all of Central Virginia.


Benefits of Using Spray Foam

  • Savings — up to 50% on your utilities every month, every year!
  • Comfort — reduces air infiltration and increases comfort year round.
  • Soundproofing — reduce exterior noise
  • Increase your homes resale value.
  • Downsize heating and cooling systems.


We provide quality insulation and installation to the Lynchburg, Richmond, Charlottesville, and Roanoke areas.

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Inadequate home insulation can cost you thousands of unnecessary dollars in electric bills. We can drop your bills and make your home more comfortable in all seasons!

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