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Spray Foam Insulation in Your Home

Spray Foam Insulation in Your Home

Replacing or adding to your existing home insulation can keep you warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and increase your property value! Most, if not all, homes built before 1970 have little to no insulation. This can cause your power bills to skyrocket and for the rooms in your home to be different temperatures - not all of them very comfortable.

Even homes built in the last 10 years can suffer from significant air leakage as state and local requirements for insulation do not address the amount of air leakage a house has but rather just the R-value of the insulation required in the walls and attics. Here at Virginia foam, our goal isn't R-Value, it's keeping you comfortable! We make sure to address areas of the home where air can escape above anything else.

Benefits of adding spray foam insulation to your home include:

  • Improved comfort in all rooms
  • Decreased risk for mold and pests
  • Seals problem areas in the home

  • Save Money

  • Increase Home Value

  • Keep Your Home Comfortable

Symptoms of Inadequate Home Insulation

Drafts within Home

Drastic Temperature Differences in Rooms

Cold Interior Walls

High Electric Bills

Inadequate Insulation Issues

Any one of these issues below can cost you thousands of dollars in energy bills. A one time cost of insulation can save you thousands overall!

Summer Issues

Inadequately insulated homes stay extremely hot in the summertime, particularly in badly insulated rooms.

Winter Issues

In the wintertime, your home will get drafty and cold - certain rooms more than others. If you touch your interior walls, they're likely cold.

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