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Modern Insulation Installation in Remodels Becoming Common

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February 9, 2021
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Remodeling homes seems to have been on the rise of popularity for quite some time now. Although it can be a fun, trendy way to spruce up your home, it can also be done out of pure necessity. Some homes are in need of an update not just for looks, but for basic function and safety.

According to a Feb. 14, 2018 article from Builder magazine, first-time home-buyers are entering a market where the property they put down a considerable amount of cash for what “may be the home they retire in and spend 55+ years in.” The article on the evolution of the building business continues on to say, “land position, design, flexibility, and durability re-map themselves as priorities, values, and non-negotiables.” The second point here — which should be of interest to both those researching property to buy and the hardworking individuals fixing up these homes — is that remodeling is suddenly equal to first-time home-buyers and those moving on and purchasing a bigger and better home.

As the magazine puts it in perspective, “Car companies still sell cars, but they make a lot of money servicing them.” In short, the investment is big, and the maintenance, while mostly out of necessity, is bigger. Overall, maintenance is a good investment as well as the home itself.

Good insulation helps keep down costs of utilitiesGood Insulation is a Necessity

When remodeling a home or adding on a new room, it is imperative that your addition be properly insulated and up to code. This will not only guarantee a comfortable living space, but also a safe space to keep you and your family comfortable so you can enjoy the new room.

For homeowners in the Virginia area who are looking for companies capable of installing insulation of various forms, these emerging trends in real estate are ones worth following. That’s because renovations require the tearing down of walls and exposing insulation materials that can then be removed and reapplied through modernized means. Some of the best spray foam insulation companies currently on the market today offer modern spray foam solutions to heating and cooling concerns.

By taking this route, homeowners will soon see savings on their energy bills as well as the capability of increasing resale value should that route be on the horizon. The thing that makes insulation installation unique is that new constructions or renovations are the only times that foams, cotton fiber batts or fiberglass can be installed behind the walls that have yet to go up or have just come down. Whether you’re looking for an energy efficient way to trap heat in the walls and ceiling or add structural integrity, homeowners are provided with just a few opportunities to knock this essential project out.

According to this article, a Harvard University housing studies center found that homeowners will spend 7.5 percent more on improvements and repairs in 2018 compared to the previous year. All told, it’s a $340 billion industry. With that in mind, companies offering insulation in its various forms should see that the time is now to offer services to homeowners that they are clearly taking advantage of in larger and larger numbers.

Benefits of Insulated Add-Ons

  • Provides an effective air and moisture barrier:  – Fiberglass will always leave some room around the edges and at the seams for air to infiltrate - not with spray foam! Spray foam pushes itself into the tiniest crack or crevice.
  • Moisture Barrier – While it’s important to seal your home against the wind it’s just as important to seal it against moisture. Most forms of insulation don't do such a great job of preventing moisture from infiltrating the home - spray foam stands tall against moisture. Your house will be drier, healthier and much more comfortable.
  • An Enhanced Structural Integrity – Most forms of insulation reduces the ability of the home to withstand the effects of nature . Spray foam essentially becomes one with the surface you spray it on, adding its strength to that of the wall, floor or ceiling.
  • Reduces Pollen – A good portion of the pollen in a given household did not get there through an open window or door, but the walls. By insulating your exterior walls with spray foam insulation you simply eliminate air leaks and the pollen they allow in.
  • Remains Effective When Wet – Spray foam insulation is unbothered by water and retains its insulating properties regardless of how wet it gets

Why it Works

Many energy efficient homes are insulated with spray foam. This specific type of insulation resists heat loss and any air leakage in walls, floors and ceiling cavities. The foam is sprayed into open building cavities and expands to fill all the nooks and crannies. In open wall applications, the excess foam is scraped off the studs to form a uniformly insulated wall cavity.

Spray foam remains a good option for retrofits, such as:

  • attic conversions.
  • basement remodels.
  • crawl space upgrades.
  • intensive remodeling projects when walls are opened for other reasons.

It's easy to see how beneficial it is for you to add insulation to your remodel - especially with a new addition to your home.  Modern remodels are always a great way to renovate and refresh your home.  Just be sure to start with spray foam insulation for the best form of  structural integrity.

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