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Modern Insulation in Remodels

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Modern Insulation Installation As Remodels Become Common

It doesn’t take a room full of economists to tell you that the “new normal” in America has been the status quo for quite some time now. While this fact of life has demonstrably changed the behavior of this country’s middle class, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – even for those in the home-building industry where stock is stagnating and potential buyers are waiting longer to take the plunge.

According to a Feb. 14, 2018 article from Builder magazine, first-time home-buyers are entering a market where the property they plunk down a considerable amount of cash for “may be the home they retire in and spend 55+ years in.” The article on the evolution of the building business continues on to say, “land position, design, flexibility, and durability re-map themselves as priorities, values, and non-negotiables.” The second hook here — which should be of interest to both those researching property to buy and the hardworking individuals fixing up these homes — is that remodeling is suddenly equal to first-time home-buyers moving on and purchasing a bigger and better home. As the magazine puts it in perspective, “Car companies still sell cars, but they make a lot of money servicing them.”

For homeowners in the Virginia area who are looking for companies capable of installing insulation of various forms, these emerging trends in real estate are ones worth following. That’s because renovations require the tearing down of walls and exposing insulation that can then be removed and re-applied through modernized means. Some of the best spray foam insulation companies currently on the market today offer modern spray foam solutions to heating and cooling concerns. By taking this route, homeowners will soon see savings on their utility bills as well as the capability of increasing re-sale value should that route be on the horizon. The thing that makes insulation installation unique is that new constructions or renovations are the only times that foams, cotton fiber batts or fiberglass can be installed behind the walls that have yet to go up or have just come down. Whether you’re looking to trap heat in the walls and ceiling or add structural integrity, homeowners are provided with just a few opportunities to knock this essential project out.

According to the article, a Harvard University housing studies center found that homeowners will spend 7.5 percent more on improvements and repairs in 2018 compared to last year. All told, it’s a $340 billion industry. With that in mind, companies offering insulation in its various forms should see that the time is now to offer services to homeowners that they are clearly taking advantage of in larger and larger numbers.